A CTA or Call to Action is a button or link on your website that can be used to drive traffic. While usually not used as a lead generation tool on their own, they are great in combination with a landing page or contest.

Just like a pop up, a CTA button can be used to generate traffic to your page. It includes a specific action to take to guide users which is why its a great way to direct people to a specific campaign page. 

1. CTAs to generate leads

The purpose of this CTA is to attract visitors and turn them into leads; therefore, you'll want to place a CTA in a location on your website that sees a large amount of new visitors, like on your blog. The best places to put a CTA is at the end of a post, in the sidebar, or as a floating banner in the corner.

Here is an example of a CTA to generate leads.

2. Social Sharing CTA

It may seem obvious, but social sharing buttons, like for Twitter and Facebook, are an effective, easy way for visitors to become involved with your company. Place these CTAs on blog posts and landing pages, but be careful to not include them in spots where people are submitting their personal information.

Check out the example to see what this can look like and to get inspired.

3. Close the Sale

Using a CTA is a good method to turn leads into customers. The purpose of this CTA is to encourage a potential customer to buy your product or service right at that moment when they are debating whether to click on the CTA. Make possible customers feel comfortable with getting involved with your company through creating a friendly and clear CTA. You can place this type of CTA on a product page and you can also use smart CTAs at the end of blog posts.

Here is an example of a sales-focused CTA.

4. Promote an event

Use an event promotion CTA to create awareness of and attract visitors to your event. How much easier can it get to learn about and register for an event? The location options on your website are infinite for this CTA since the message can relate to all different audience types.

Here is a sample of how to promote an event with a CTA.

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