What is a Lead?

A Lead is a unique person who's email address you have stored in your Wishpond account. Leads can be added to your Wishpond account in the following ways:

  • Entering a Campaign (including contests, landing pages, forms and popups)
  • Importing Leads via CSV File or an Integration like Mailchimp
  • Add Leads manually in your Leads Dashboard

Here is how Leads appear in your Leads Dashboard in Wishpond:

What does "# Leads included" mean?

Each Wishpond plan includes a certain number of Leads you can store in your account at no extra charge. 

For example, if your plan has 100 Leads included, then you can store up to 100 Leads in your account at any given time and you won't be charged anything more

See how many Leads are included on each plan on the Plans page in Wishpond:

How Additional Lead Charges work

If you go over the total number of Leads included in your plan, you will be charged an additional fee for each Lead you are over. 

For example, if your plan includes 100 leads and you reach a total of 105 leads in your account at once, you will be charge an additional fee for each of the 5 leads over your plan's 100 lead limit.

Visit the Plans page in your Wishpond account to see each plan's  price per additional Lead.

An additional charge will be billed to your account at the end of each of your monthly billing cycles for any additional lead charges you incur in that month. This works the same for both monthly and annual plans. 

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