Setting up your Zapier Integration

In order to set up an integration with zapier, you’ll need to ensure that your Wishpond account first has access to the Wishpond API. To find out if your account has access, simply go to your Wishpond plans page by “plans and billing” then “plans” from the drop down menu inside of your Wishpond dashboard. If your account does not have access, you will need to upgrade before continuing with your Zapier integration.

To set up your integration with Zapier:

Step 1: Go to from your web browser and click on “Sign Up” on the top right hand corner of the screen to create an account. (Note: If you have an account you can skip to step 3 and login).

Step 2: Fill out your new account information and proceed to the next page

Step 3: Once inside click on “Create a new zap” from the dashboard menu

Step 4: Depending on the type of integration you want to create, either search for “wishpond” in the trigger app search bar, or the name of the app you want to set as the condition. For example, say you want to send every new customer from Stripe into Wishpond as a new lead. In this case you would search for and select “Stripe” as the trigger app. If you want to send leads collected on a Wishpond landing page to GoToWebinar to sign up for a webinar registration, then search for “Wishpond” as the trigger app.

Step 5: Select your condition app triggers. Note that these will be different for every app. Feel free to select “show less common options” to reveal more condition triggers to choose from. Press “Continue” once you have selected a condition.

Step 6: Click “Connect a New Account”

Step 7: Fill out the app’s API information. Where to locate this information will vary depending on your different apps, but for Wishpond it can be found by clicking on the drop down menu on the top right of your wishpond dashboard and selecting “API Keys”

Once you’ve entered your correct API credentials, click “Save + Continue”

Step 8: Next search for your action app by typing in the actions search bar

Step 9: Choose your action. Note: these actions will vary depending on the app you choose

Step 10: Connect with your account and press “Save + Continue”

Step 11: Complete the mapping fields section of your action app. Note: these settings will all vary depending on the app you choose. When finished press “Continue”

Step 12: Name your Zap and click the slider bar to turn your Zap on

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You have successfully set up an integration with Wishpond and Zapier!


Can't wait to get started? Try these popular pre-made Zaps right now:

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