Hosting your campaign on a Domain - SSL Certificate

"We want to run our landing page on https but we are unable to because we do not have Wishpond’s SSL certificate. It seems like it would only work on http."

Unfortunately, it is not possible to ​host Wishpond campaigns on https (a secure protocol) without reversing proxy the page to your website. If you want to host it using your domain it must run over http (not https).

An alternative way to run the form or landing page over a secure protocol is to use the embed function. However, you won’t be benefiting from any SEO (but no worries, it won’t affect your website SEO efforts in a negative way either).

Within your settings change the hosting option to Embed on Website and Blog (instead of Domain). You are able to adjust the width of the iframe to make it appear as if it would be hosted on the entire page. Click here to see how to change the width of an iframe or script code. (LINK)

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