How Can I Increase Twitter Followers With Wishpond?

Wishpond's campaigns have an awesome feature that allow you to increase followers without any work. 

How to enable automatic following:

  • Login to your Wishpond Account
  • Go to campaigns
  • Click create a campaign
  • After filling out your information in Step 1 click "next" at the bottom
  • Choose where you want your campaign to appear to be "My Twitter Account"
  • Authorize App
  • For "Entry Method" choose "Require Email & Twitter Account Login"
  • Click "next" at the bottom to save & publish

After you follow the above steps anyone that wants to enter your campaign must:

  • Fill out the entry form
  • Authorize App

Once they click "Authorize App" they become an automatic follower of you on Twitter and automatically Tweet your campaign Title.


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