How to Edit The Automatic Sweepstakes Email

Every Sweepstakes has by default automated emails activated which will sent immediately to your contest entrants. You can edit those emails and have full control over what they should say.

Let me show you how to edit and customize those automated emails.

  1. Within your Advanced Settings please navigate to where it says “Customize Messages”

2. Once clicked several options will appear.

Scroll down to where it says “These emails are sent to each promotion entrant” and “After Participation”. This is where we can no edit our automated emails.

4. First off, you can  change your From Address and From name to make it more customized

In order to change the Subject line please click on the blue text that says “You're in on the Social Sweepstakes from [BUSINESS_NAME]” which is generated by the system by default. If you are happy with this Subject Line you can leave it the way it is.

A text editor will appear and will allow you to change the email’s Subject Line.

To change the email body you can now click on the blue text right under Message Body.

The editor will appear again and you can now change the content of the email’s body.

You can even use merge tags to make your email more personalized.

Scroll up and click on Available Placeholder

You will be provided with a list of all available merge tags which can be copied and pasted into your Subject Line or Email Body so it will automatically populate that information for you when visitors enter in your Sweepstakes and receive the automated emails in their inbox. Please note that our system can only generate placeholders that you actually end up using in your form. For example, if you would like to use Last Name as a merge tag and address an entrant by his last name but your form does not have a Last Name Form Field it won’t generate any information.

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