Can I Randomly Select A Winner?

With Wishpond’s Sweepstakes app you can select a winner randomly using our randomizer feature. This functionality will only become visible and accessible to you and on your dashboard once the Sweepstakes comes to an end. It won’t appear if the Sweepstakes is still running live.

Let me show in this article how to select the winner once the Sweepstakes is over.

  1. Navigate to the Sweepstakes that is over and click on its title

2. Next, you will see a “Select a Winner” button in the left side panel

3. Once clicked the system will generate a winner for you like this:

4. You now have the option to select a new winner by clicking on the refresh symbol.

5. If you decide to chose a new winner it will generate a new email like this immediately:

6. You can also click on the “x” symbol to remove the winner you have selected.

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