Tutorial: Choose where your popup should appear

After you finish designing your pop up, it’s time to consider where that pop up will appear. To choose the page to add your popup to click "Match Rules" in the publishing options and then select "Add Page(s)"

A dropdown with five options on where to add your popup to will be displayed.

If you're already running a Wishpond landing page or social campaign, you can choose “Wishpond Campaign”, and then use the dropdown menu to select which campaign you want to show your popup on.

If you want to show your popup on your webpage choose "Webpage URL", then enter the specific URL for your webpage. Keep in mind that if you would like the popup to only appear on the specific URL enable "Must match exact parameters" so the popup will only appear on the specific page. 

For example, assuming we had the popup embed code on pages of a website and targeted the URL http://www.wishpond.com/landing-pages/, if Must match exact parameters was not selected then all three of these pages would trigger the popup.

If you wanted your popup to pages on your website that contained specific keywords choose "URLs Containing", for example 'blog'.

Regular Expression is  an advanced feature that allows you to parse URLS using regular expressions.

All Pages does not require you to point to any URL as every page which has the popup script code embedded will display the popup.

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