Publishing your Landing Page to your Domain (CNAME Record Mapping)

When you are using the custom domain publishing option, here are the steps to be followed:

1. Enter your domain or root domain name and optionally a subfolder

2. Login to your web host settings and link your domain

   - Log into your hosting control panel and look for a "DNS Settings" section (or something similar) for the domain name 

   - Now add a new CNAME record with "". If it asks for a host, put "subdomain". 

   - Have your CNAME point to "".

3. Now you just need to wait a bit. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on your host. You'll know your domain is working when you see a green checkmark next to its name.

4. Back in our Wishpond dashboard click on "Publish”.

*Please also refer to this sample video. The method of accessing DNS settings may vary depending on your hosting service provider. This is an example of CNAME Record Change via Cpanel. *

Here is a list with specific instructions for the most popular webhost providers:





Media Template

Name Cheap

Network Solutions

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