Tutorial: Javascript Popups

Javascript popups are used to allow custom javascript events on your Wishpond campaign or web page to trigger pop ups to appear. Examples of this could be upon scrolling, when hovering over a certain part of the page etc.

To create a javascript popup:

  1. Click on “Popup” under “Create a New” on your Wishpond Dashboard

2) Select a Popup template

3) Edit your popup and then press "Publish” when you're finished.

4) Choose “Javascript-triggered Popup” from “Choose Popup Type”

5) Copy the javascript code which will be used to trigger the popup and paste it into your javascript.

6) If your popup is appearing on a website, paste the Wishpond embed code on your website.

7) Next "Publish" your popup.

You have successfully set up a javascript-triggered popup!

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