Tutorial: Entry Popups

Entry Popups are used to prompt a user as soon as they load your page. Entry pop ups are great for welcome messages or other special offers that you want all users to see.

To create an Entry popup:

  1. Click on “Popup” under “Create a New” on your Wishpond Dashboard

2) Select a Popup template

3) Edit your popup and then press “Publish” when you're finished.

4) Choose “Entrance” from “Popup Type”

5) If your popup is appearing on a website, paste the Wishpond embed code on your website.

6) Click 'Match Rules' to choose the Wishpond campaign or type the URL of the page the popup will appear. For more information on where a popup can appear on a URL, see our tutorial on where a popup can appear.

7) Press “Publish”

You have successfully set up an entry popup!

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