Popups 101: Different Popup Types

Popups are a valuable conversion tool designed to capture lead information from website visitors that would otherwise leave without engaging. When used at the right time, popups are one of the best ways to capture new leads for your business.

Though many people are used to the popups of the past - which were very annoying - popups can be extremely effective conversion tools for your business. Wishpond offers a range of popup types that you can customize to be effective for your business. Wishpond's popup tool makes it simple for you to add animations, choose a unique page placement, and more. 

Wondering what type of popup you should use? Wishpond has four types of popups: traditional popups, opt-in bars, welcome mats and slide-in popups.

Let's look at each of them:

Traditional Popup

The original Wishpond popup is a great tool for any situation. This popup appears on screen based on a user's specific action (chosen by you), and they must interact with it (convert or close) before returning to the page they were previously viewing. Traditional popup types include entry and exit popups, click popups, timed popups, and scroll popups.

Opt-In Bar

Opt-in bars can be used to get a message across while still allowing visitors to interact with the page; they're a much less intrusive option in comparison to traditional popups. Opt-in bars are particularly awesome for pointing out a new feature, highlighting a special product or linking users to another page. They can also be used as a navigation tool, that sticks to the top of your page and follows the visitor as they scroll down.

Welcome Mat

Wishpond's welcome mat tool creates a popup that covers the whole screen. Welcome mats are incredibly engaging and focus all of a visitor's attention on the offer you're promoting. Because of its size, a welcome mat can be obtrusive and should be used sparingly. Welcome mats are perfect for a new store or product launch, promoting a brand new contest, or informing viewers about an important event.

Slide-in Popup

Similar to the opt-in bar, a slide-in popup grabs a visitor's attention while still allowing them to engage and interact with the page they're viewing. Slide-in popups are an ideal choice when you're looking to capture leads for your email list or get more new readers for your newsletter. 

Ready to get started? You can create any of these popups from the Campaign Dashboard by creating a new campaign and choosing a popup type.

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