How to use the Auto-Submit feature

The auto-submit feature is great for simplifying the registration process when sending emails to leads who you already have information for.

An example of a time when you could use the auto-submit feature would be for a webinar registration pop up. If you already have all the required information for a specific lead, you can provide them with a link that automatically submits all of their information and takes them directly to a post- entry page.

To set up the auto-submit function on a popup:

1) Select the form to open the Form editing options. 


2) Click "More" then "Auto-submit".

3) Enable "Auto-submit form if all fields are filled”


4) Copy the URL String generated from the "Pre-fill form fields' option under "More"

5) Press “Done”


6) Take the URL string and replace “add_value” with the corresponding merge tags. For example, I changed First Name to “{{first_name}”,  last name to “{{last_name}”, Email address to “{{email}”

7) Send your link to your lead and it will populate the merge tags with their information. When they click on it it will automatically submit your landing page (with all the form information).

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