Matching Wishpond Lead Properties to Mailchimp Fields

An important part of setting up an integration with Mailchimp is matching the lead properties you have set up inside of wishpond to fields in Mailchimp. This will allow Mailchimp to recognize which fields are which, for example: First Name = First Name.

To Match a Wishpond Lead Property to a Mailchimp Field:

  • Step 1: Click on the campaign you want to export leads from (or the list from your Leads Database for a one time export)

  • Step 2: Click on “Export Leads” on the left

  • Step 3: From drop down menu select “Integrated Apps”

  • Step 4: Select Mailchimp from the list of dropdown options

  • Step 5: Name your integration

  • Step 5: Click “Connect”

  • Step 6: Login to Mailchimp

  • Step 7: Choose the list to export leads to

  • Choose the lead properties you want to match. For Examples “First Name” in Wishpond with “First Name” in Mailchimp.

  • Step 9: Continue this for all other Lead properties you want to match

  • Step 10: Press “export”

You have successfully mapped your Wishpond lead properties to Mailchimp!

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