Export Leads

There are two ways to export leads inside of the leads database. The first is by exporting your leads as a CSV and the second is by exporting your leads to one of our integration partners.

First I’ll explain how to export leads as a CSV then we’ll get into how to export to an integration.

To export leads to a CSV:

  1. Click on the list that you want to export to a CSV from inside of your leads database

2) Click “Export to CSV” on the left

To export leads to an integration:

  1. Click on “Export Leads” from the left side of the leads database

2) Choose which integration you want to export to

3) Within that integration, choose which list you will be exporting your leads to

4) Then choose whether you want to export all the leads in the leads database, or just a specific list.

If choosing a specific list, choose the list from the drop down menu

5) Map your fields (for example email -> email address).  This is used to tell your integration what fields you're exporting.

6) Press “Export”

You’ve successfully exported leads to an integration!

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