How to Add/Edit Forms?

In this article I'll explain how to add and edit Forms and Form Fields. 

1.  Within your Landing Page builder click on the 'Edit Content' button at the top left of the page. 


2. Drag and drop the "Form" object to the area within the template where you want it to appear.


Now, let me show you how to edit a form you have added to your Landing Page. 


1. First, you want to select the form. Within the Landing Page builder navigate to your form and click 'Edit Form'.

2. You will see 'Add Field' in the editor bar which will give you by default several form fields to choose from

 3. You will see the form fields added to your form. Click on the lower right blue button to add your default form fields. 

4. Select the form field you wish to add. For the purpose of this article I will add the "City" field. You can simply drag and drop it into the from in your Landing Page builder. 

4. The "City" field is now part of your Landing Page form.

Click here to learn more about how to Create new Form Fields.

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