Forms on Landing Page

This article will provide you with a guide with some tips and best practises when creating a form on you landing page. 

You can add a form to any landing page, our tools make it easy to customize them specific to the information you are looking to gain from leads. 

To start I'll show you how to add a brand new form field to your page. First simply hover over the form and click on 'Edit Form' 

The form's toolbar editor will appear above it, click on 'Add Field'. 

The fields that are currently in your form will appear, click on the lower right blue button to view your other default form fields. 

You can choose one of these properties or if you want to add a new form field, click on the green button at the lower right of the popup.

The different form field types will then appear:

Single Line Text

Paragraph Text:


Multiple Checkboxes:

Multiple Choice:


File Upload:

Keep in mind that when adding a new form field it will not automatically be a lead property. This means that the information will be retained for the campaign however it would not appear in the lead's profile in the lead database. 

To set a form field as a property make sure to click 'Set as lead property'. This will give the field an identifier which will then be able to store the lead information as a lead property, and you would be able to use it later as a merge tag.

You can then customize each field even more by clicking on the field itself. 

You can edit the following text elements of the field; Field Labels, Tooltip, Placeholder Text, Default Entry

Clicking on 'More' you will be able to customize it even more:

Selecting 'Field Settings' will allow you to make the field required or hidden. 

When choosing where the form is linked to click on the button next to 'Add Field'. You can then choose where the form submission is linked to, this could be to a Thank You page, another Wishpond Campaign, or even a webpage URL. 

Lastly, you can add the option to have your form focused on when a user visits the page, include pre-filled field and choose to have submission considered a conversion. 

Thats it! Now when you gain a new lead their information will appear in the campaign's lead report like this:

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