What is a Hashtag Contest?

A hashtag contest is a type of photo contest that uses instagram hashtags to pull relevant entries into a contest. Once the photos are pulled from instagram into the contest gallery, users can then sort through and vote on different entries within the wishpond interface.

Here is an example of a hashtag contest:

In this example the hashtag #onelifemakeitcount is used to determine which photos are eligible to be a part of the contest or not. By tagging #onelifemakeitcount users that upload photos to their personal instagram accounts can also enter into this photo contest as well.

In the case that the contest hashtag is popular, there are also additional requirements such as “require users follow you on instagram” and “require photos to mention your instagram handle” which can be added to help filter through photos to ensure only relevant contest photos are added to your campaign.

Instagram hashtag contests are a great way of collecting user generated content especially since the instagram platform makes it so simple for users to enter.

For more information on how to start building a Instagram hashtag contest, click here.

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