Tutorial: Multiple Checkbox Field

The multiple checkbox field is useful for allowing your users to select multiple answers to one question. If you’d prefer to limit them to selecting one answer only, see the multiple choice field.

To set up a multiple checkbox field:

1) Click on "Edit Form" and the form editing bar will appear above your form. 


2) Click on "Add Field" and choose to "Create a New Field" at the bottom right. Then click the green "Add New Field" button.


3) Click on “Multiple Checkboxes” from the list of available form fields

4) Insert field name. Check in the box "Make this Field a Lead Property" if you want it to be a property in your Leads Database. Then Click "Create"


5) Click on the form field and select "Edit". Then edit the field labels by clicking the pencil icon. 

6) If you want to add more choices, click on the "Add Checkbox" button.

7) Click "Done"


8) You have successfully added a multiple checkboxes field!

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