How to Create a Survey

In this article I’ll show you how to create a survey.

1) Click on the form.

2) Click “Multiple Checkboxes” from the list of available form fields in "Create a New Field".

3) Name your new form field.

4) If you would like to make this a Lead Property select "Make this field a Lead Property" with a specificed Field Key then click "Save".

5) Click on the form field created and select 'Edit'. To change the choices click on the pencil icon. 

6) To add the field label click on 'Input text and labels' and choose the Placement. If you select hidden it will hide the field label on the form.

7) Go back to “Edit Field” and add as many other multiple choice questions, form fields, or checkboxes as you’d like. When you're satisfied with the content of your form, press “Done”.

8) You have just set up a survey!

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