How to change the Background Color/Image on a Form

Forms have the option to change the background color and image. However, whether or not your users will see your background image will depend on how your install your form. You’ll see the background if you publish it to a Facebook page, Wishpond custom domain, or your own subdomain.

Now that you know when the background will appear a form, here’s the steps to change it.

 1) Click on 'Page Design' on left hand side


2) If you click on 'Page Background on left hand side, the expanded menu will appear   

   3) You can select the flat color option, or insert an image   

   4) If you selected the flat color option, you can choose or customize the color depending on your taste   

   5) You can click on 'change' to upload any image that you would want to have as a background

   6) You can also adjust the position and tilting of the background

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