Newsletters are used to send one time email blasts to leads based on conditions specified in the newsletter condition settings. This could include everyone who has converted on one of your campaigns, is a part of a certain list, or has a specific attribute in their lead profile such as location, gender, etc.

To set up a newsletter using marketing automation:

  1. Click on “Email Newsletter” on the left side of your marketing automation dashboard

2) Choose which conditions will trigger your newsletter. I’ll be choosing to send this newsletters to people who have converted on my “Wishpond New Signup” campaign.

Once you have selected your conditions press “Save”.

3) Fill out the email name, subject line, from name,  from email address and reply to email address. Press “Next”

4) Choose a template

5) Drag and drop content in your email, including text, images, social actions or you can add your own HTML.

6) Once you're done your email you can preview or send a test email, and press “Finish”

6) Name your workflow and decide whether to save as a draft, send now, or schedule

7) Click “Finish”

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