How to Import Leads From Commonsku

Commonsku has set up a great integration with wishpond, which allows you to import your leads from Commonsku into your leads database. To do this, you will need a wishpond paid plan (pro or higher) and a Commonsku account.

1. Get your wishpond API keys from the wishpond dashboard. Login to wishpond, click on your account name, and click API keys


2. Log in to your Commonsku account, and enter the API keys under Admin > Settings > Marketing software integration


3. Once you have entered these API keys and saved them, go to the reporting section and export the commonsku clients into Wishpond, using the lead properties that were set up with the API. Hit the "export to Wishpond" button to push the contacts over.  The button only shows up if the API keys are entered in the area above.

4.Once pushed from commonsku, create a list in wishpond using the lead properties that were already entered based on what is in Commonsku in order to set up campaigns or send automated emails: 

Commonsku have also made a great video explaining how to get set up quickly. Click here to watch!

If you have any questions about the commonsku side of the integration, please email

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