Facebook Like button vote method

When selecting the Facebook like button as a vote method keep in mind that this doesn't collect information from the voters, it will simply display the Facebook like button as an alternative method to vote on entries.

With this in mind there are a few key things to know in using this voting method:

The numbers displayed on the contest page are synced with the information we receive from Facebook in which we do record the latest number of likes once the contest ends. In rare cases there may be a delay in updating this information however the values will sync to those from Facebook by the time the contest ends.

Once the contest ends, because it is a public page it is possible to still use this method of voting but in your campaign dashboard only the votes that occurred during the campaign will be counted. 

If any fraudulent activity was occurring and detected from Facebook, the number displayed would sync to the corrected values. 

It is possible for these votes to decrease, if a person had already clicked the like button this would result in unliking the entry and it would decrease the number of likes for the entry. 

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