Bonus Entries

Updated 6 months ago by Kara

Now that you can add Bonus Entries to your campaign you can use this as a condition for your automations. 

To do this go to Automation in your dashboard and create a new standard automation workflow.

Then add the condition specific to leads who had earned bonus entries/points. 

To do this case click on 'Campaign' and choose 'has earned bonus/entries points in. You can then select the specific campaign, and number of bonus entries/points that the lead must met.

For example if you wanted to create a workflow to send an email to participants who had earned at least 3 bonus entries/points in a campaign you would use the following condition.

Then scroll down to Actions and choose the automated action that would be triggered by meeting the condition.

In this case you would choose 'Send an Email', this would then trigger the email once participant had received 3 bonus entries/points from the campaign. 

You can also award bonus entries/points as an action in the workflow. 

To do this once the conditions have been set scroll down to Actions and click on the more option

Choose the specific campaign and number of entries/points you would like to be awarded has been selected click 'Done'.

Launch the workflow, and any lead who mets the condition will be given these extra entries/points in the campaign.

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